Friendship is a subject that strikes a chord with me. When I say “I’m your friend,” I mean it. I am not half-assed, (I don’t think I am, anyway) about being friends with someone. I’m either all in or all out. There is no in-between for me.

If I say I’m your friend or want to be friends, that means several things:

1) I’m genuinely interested in you. I want to know about your likes, dislikes, hobbies, etc. And I hope that you’d be interested in mine. I’d also hope that the person would want to spend time with me, even if it needs to be planned ahead of time. Everyone is busy, I get that, but if you’re truly interested in being friends with someone, you’ll find a way.

2) If you need or want someone to talk to, I’ll be there. I love listening to people and try to help them in any way I can. That’s part of the “job” description of being a friend.

3) I like to check in and see how someone is doing, even if they don’t respond. Hopefully that comes across as me caring and not being nosy. The last thing I want is to make someone uncomfortable or feel like I’m prying. Really all I want is to know that the person is okay. If I don’t get a response of some sort, I have a tendency to think I’ve overstepped, that I’ve done something wrong, and I’ll begin to question whether I mean something to that person or not. Rational thinking? Probably not. But, that’s just who I am.

4) Friendship, for me, is not about convenience. I’m not the type of person that will be there for someone else only when it is convenient for me. Just the opposite. Being a friend isn’t a “sometimes” thing. It’s an “all the time” thing, no matter what I’m doing or going through. If you need me, I’ll be there…regardless.

On the flip side, if there is anything that I can do to be a better friend, or I’m not practicing what I preach, please call me on it!!! The last thing I want to be is a hypocrite!

Anyway, I’m just rambling. I’ve struggled with friendship issues in the past, and part of it is because of my own insecurities; however, I don’t think letting your friends know you’re thinking about them or that you care should be a inconvenience…ever.

Life is too short. Don’t miss your chance.


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